Glen Fielder, Sales Associate

850-475-5333 fax
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7139 N. 9th Ave
Pensacola FL, 32504

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I am a proud native of Pensacola.  My family moved away early in my life, but career and family ties brought me back to Pensacola for good in 1986.

Over 21 years of healthcare administration and management experience was brought to the Commercial team when I joined EXIT Realty N.F.I. in April of 2016.  While working in healthcare, it was not uncommon for me to spearhead real estate transactions while negotiating business terms for the medical practice or when it needed to relocate.  This experience, along with years of investing and managing properties of my own, translates nicely into the commercial real estate landscape.

I hold an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, a master’s degree in Management, have held various healthcare administrative certifications, and had the privilege to sit on several boards such as Health First Network Advisory board, Florida BONES Society and First Priority of the Emerald Coast.